Underwater Architecture

17th December 2020 Colours and textures from patination and electroforming have long been suggesting this... And the underwater world holds so much intrigue, it is almost like a fantasy land. A parallel world, with vibrant colours and abstract formations, how does sea life come up with these unique forms? Patinated copper ring with growth nodes… Continue reading Underwater Architecture


Team Plan for Launch Event

27 February 2020 Pre-launch via social mediaQR codes distributed digitally and as stickersIndividual extracts and images posted on Instagram for promotionPosters with cut-outs revealing superimposed layers of individual projectsLaunch day: 5 Booklets ready for readingOrigami/activity workshop? allow audience to engage with form, space, material to build products, spaces.. ?Background of physical book - kaleidoscopic projections… Continue reading Team Plan for Launch Event

Revised Layout

23 February 2020 During our layout meeting yesterday, we realized that all of us had followed a number of different layouts and we decided to freeze a couple of templates that we would all try to fit our work into. I changed some of my layouts to fit these, and quite like the white space… Continue reading Revised Layout


18 February 2020 In our copy shop group meeting we all liked the layout of the images vs. text in this book on Olafur Eliasson's words, that I had issues for my ADAS essay. We thought it was a nice composition, playing on the white space to direct attention to the images. Also, some images… Continue reading Layout

Realize Further Development

20 February 2020 During our editorial meeting, Francesca and I discussed the possibility of collaborating on the further development of our respective realize projects. Francesca had proposed a branching light fixture in her community food library, suspended above a branching meal table. I wondered if I could plate and crystallize one of the branching structures,… Continue reading Realize Further Development

Contents page trial

20 February 2020 Based on an example spread in Clare's presentation, I wanted to create a layout with all our objects 'speaking to one another' in one space/plane, for a potential contents page. Since we did not manage to experiment with our materials together in the studio, I tried to select images from all our… Continue reading Contents page trial

Editorial Theme and development

13 February 2020 During our editorial introduction workshop, the our group discussed possible overarching themes that we could look at, as a common thread for our publication. Initial options were regarding highlighting the process over outcome, incorporation of organic themes and sustainable approaches. Since these were not applicable to all, we wanted to broaden the… Continue reading Editorial Theme and development

P06 Launch Introduction

18 January 2020 Project Launch Introduction of work to contextualized audienceContribution to culture and societyCuratorial? Dialogue? Commentary? Invite response?publication as a means of promotion, presentation, contextualization. Clare: publication strategies: brochures, posters, catalogs, postcardsFocus on principles and essence of your work (or project?)How does my industry deal with publication? exhibition archives? press release? magazines? community engagement… Continue reading P06 Launch Introduction

Mary Evans – Materials Lab Lecture, RCA Kensington

30 January 2020 Original work - painting, offset printing with stencils Experience of racism in Amsterdam shattered her sense of place, made her question her identity, rootsImages as pictograms of African Men and Women, repeated in varying sizes for perspective, hand cut from kraft paperReferences silhouettes of architectural elements in some worksAdopted kraft paper used… Continue reading Mary Evans – Materials Lab Lecture, RCA Kensington

Writing Research

13 February 2020 Text Research: Exhibition and Curatorial 'Fictions' at Cello Factory: I really liked Gary and Isabel's Editorial which was in the form of a press release, as it talked about commonalities in their works, and the abstract areas they address in their practice. 2. No Realm of Thought, No Field of Vision: Cerith… Continue reading Writing Research